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How to Transition into Summer, Fire Hazard Free.

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

Professional assessing a live fire. Fire is serious business, and seriously stressful.

With Summer approaching, and the loosening of COVID restrictions, many of us are looking forward to joining with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors this summer. Camping, bonfires and cookouts are some of the most beloved American summer pastimes - they’re also some of the biggest causes of fire damage in the Summer months.

The great news is that being mindful of a few fire safety tips can easily help you avoid any disasters while you enjoy the season.


Any party really takes off around the grill. We all love good food and great company, but in the midst of all this, it can be easy to lost focus on safety. Make sure the person responsible for the grill, and maybe a back up helper, familiarize themselves with these grill safety tips, to make sure your cookout doesn’t end in burn out.

  • Keep the grill in an open are that’s well ventilated and away from trees, shrubs, and other combustible structures like your home.
  • Avoid loose fitting clothes and tie back long hair that may hang down over the open flames.
  • Check all fuel connections between the gas tank and grill before starting it, if your grill runs on gas.
  • If you have a charcoal grill, don’t use too much lighter fluid to start the fire and never add fluid once it’s lit.
  • Ensure the grill is never unattended, and keep children and pets at a safe distance.
  • Thoroughly clean the grill and utensils before and after using them.
  • Never dispose of used charcoal until it has cooled completely.


Whether it’s a fire at your campsite or a bonfire under the summer stars, everyone is bound to have fun. Regardless of the type of fire, remember to practice a few safety tips to make sure your evening stays fun and safe.

  • If you’re having a fire in a public setting, follow the rules and guidelines of that park or campgrounds for fires.
  • Choose a safe location away from tents, trees, gazebos, and other structures that could catch fire, and be sure to build your fire in a pit to prevent unwanted spreading.
  • Avoid using lighter fluid to start the fire, and do not leave it unattended.
  • Plan how you will extinguish the fire before starting it. You can do this water or by shoveling dirt over the flames.


The Fourth of July is one of our favorite Summer holidays, and a great excuse to flex that firework game! Despite our love of the Holiday and the festivities, sadly thousands of Americans suffer from fire damage, both to their properties and themselves. Don’t become a statistic this summer, follow these simple firework safety tips to be the star of the show, and of safety.

  • Choose fireworks that are legal. Be sure to follow all directions and warning labels when lighting them.
  • Supervise all children around fireworks. The highest demographic for being injured by fireworks is boys, fourteen and under.
  • Choose a safe location outside, away from your home, garage, shed, family, or grass to light the fireworks.
  • If a firework fails after lighting it, dump water on it and dispose of it safely.

Your friends at SERVPRO Mesquite want you to enjoy your summer, and we hope you never need us for fire restoration. Our experts have provided this advice, and also recommend staying in compliance with your local codes, ordinances and burn bans, to protect yourself and your property from fire damage.

If the worst happens, our professionals are ready 24/7 to assist you quickly, and to the highest standard, when it matters most.

Fire and smoke damage is a serious business, and also seriously stressful. Our expert technicians are trained to deal with damage efficiently and correctly to prevent the spread, remove smoke odor, preserve structural integrity and restore your home or building to safety.

If you’re affected by Fire Damage this summer, SERVPRO Mesquite is ready to help.

Leaky Air Conditionings: Here's What to do.

4/8/2021 (Permalink)

Silhouette of a person mopping a floor. Cleaning up water can be time consuming. Why waste your own? Call SERVPRO!

As the Southern United States heads steadily into April and things begin to warm up, most people will start dusting off their window units, kicking on the fans, or lowering their thermostats to accommodate for these sunny, Southern afternoons. With temperatures beginning to reach the 80s midday, most people are starting to see the definitive line in the sand, where once there was Winter, now there is definitely Spring, and soon, Summer will be upon us with new cooling demands. 

SERVPRO Mesquite wants to extend a friendly reminder to our readers to check and service your air conditioning units, whether they’re window mounts, or central heating and air. Air conditioning units use the combination of electricity and the mechanisms inside the unit to cool the air that is expelled by the fans. These mechanisms usually involve some kind of coolant, and, you guessed it, water. And where there’s water, there’s the looming threat of water damage if that water ever becomes uncontained. 

Leaky water from the attic can ruin ceilings and walls, and even floor-level mounts can leak and effect carpet and vinyl flooring below, leading to extensive and expensive work. But unfortunately, leaky air conditioning units happen to the best of us. Here’s what to do if you find yourself with a leaky unit: 

  1. Keep the air conditioning unit turned off until the leak can be fixed. Mop up and standing water, and look at the extent of the damage. Make sure it’s a task that you can handle. If it isn’t, there are service professionals who can help.
  2. Start the drying process! Pull up affected carpet and vinyl flooring, use a shop vac to lift moisture from affected areas. Apply fans to help create cross-currents of fresh, moving air. A dehumidifier also helps speed up the drying process, so add at your discretion.
  3. Patch. You may need to patch up any affected drywall, or remove affected baseboards. Be on the lookout for signs of mold growth. Again, mold can cause health effects and it spreads quickly. It’s an expensive predicament to find yourself in once your home is infected with fungal growth, so be keen.
  4. Know when to call. SERVPRO Mesquite is staffed by industry-leading professionals and full-time mitigation and restoration technicians, that can help you with whatever problem you have, big or small. We’re always here to help, and we’re eager to get you back to "Like it never even happened." 

International Fun at Work Day

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

A picture of the SERVPRO Mesquite team. Someone (front and center) didn't get the memo to wear black.

On April 1st, 2021, SERVPRO Mesquite got to enjoy International Fun at Work Day here at our home office. And while some people scoff at the thought of enjoying a day of work, the team here at SERVPRO Mesquite consider fun—but more importantly, a healthy, communicative, and enjoyable work place—no laughing matter!

SERVPRO Mesquite doesn’t simply pride ourselves on being industry-leading mitigation and restoration professionals. We also pride ourselves on being a company that our employees enjoy working for. After all, happy employees mean happier customers, and happy customers is kind of our thing.

When asked, our receptionist Haley said that her favorite part of the day is the morning Work-In-Progress meeting. The morning Work-In-Progress meeting is the time of day when the SERVPRO Mesquite team discusses the day ahead, but per Haley, that isn’t the fun part. “I like the morning WIP meeting because it’s the one time of the day where the entire team is together. We have a really good vibe when we’re all together and focused on being productive.”

The sentiment was shared by our Sales Representative, Rhonda. “But I think my favorite part of the day is when we leave a job site,” She added. “I always get phone calls from customers when we leave, who are so relieved to have their lives back on track. It’s a really great feeling.”  

The simple truth of it is that we love doing our jobs. Helping people is what makes us happy. It’s why we’re glad to do the work we do. So, when the inevitable happens and you find yourself in the position to call a professional mitigation company, rest assured that SERVPRO Mesquite is not only equipped to handle your job, but happy to handle it too.

Winter Storm Repairs: Let us help your business.

3/29/2021 (Permalink)

The double doors on the back of a SERVPRO marked van, sporting the logo, "Like it never even happened." "Like it never even happened."

Hundreds of businesses were impacted last month by what experts are describing as a “deadly” winter storm. Record low temperatures, dangerous snow and ice brought Central Texas screeching to a halt in an unprecedented mid-February freeze.

With hundred-car crashes and statewide infrastructure straining to handle the weather, it’s no surprise our neighboring businesses are still struggling with the aftermath. With an extensive network of over 1700 franchises, the SERVPRO team across the grid has mobilized to help keep our promise to be there for our community in times of need.

A check on showed over 400 million in Texas were without power, and this includes many businesses. Lack of heat has left many vulnerable, as well as their commercial buildings. Our SERVPRO Mesquite office has been working around the clock to mobilize teams to units that have lost power and subsequently heat, and experienced burst pipes and other plumbing issues leading to flooding and water damage.

We hope your business never needs us, but if you do, SERVPRO Mesquite is ready to help. We understand time is of the essence. If you experience damage at your business or commercial building due to the weather, your first move should be to safely limit damage (turn off water at the main - if you don’t know where this is for your building, find out today), call your insurance company, and then call your friends at SERVPRO Mesquite and we’ll take it from here.

We know how important it is to protect your assets to minimize loss, and get you up and running again. Our team will dispatch quickly and bring expert knowledge, the latest and best equipment and a positive attitude, to provide you with a comprehensive plan that is auctioned fast, to get you back to work. 

Whatever the weather, day or night, our teams are ready to help. Our company motto is “Like it never even happened,” and we’ll restore your business to that standard while providing you with the highest customer service and as much peace of mind as we can offer. If your business is in trouble, call SERVPRO Mesquite today. 

Choosing the Right Company for Your Fire Loss.

3/29/2021 (Permalink)

Fire hazard professionals attempting to sate a large fire. We consider no job "too big."

Fire is a devastating element. If your home or business has fallen victim to fire, the result can be devastating and the clean up process daunting. It’s estimated that fires are responsible for more than $25.5 billion of property damage, every year, not to mention indirect costs such as loss of business revenue.

If you’re affected by fire what comes after the flames are extinguished is a time of trial, and selecting a restoration team to work on your property can be one more overwhelming decision. When the blaze is gone the restoration industry steps in to return affected residences and businesses to their former states. By making smart choices on your restoration professionals, you can ensure this experience is as painless as possible, and you receive the high quality, high value work and excellent customer experience that you deserve. 

Choosing your team is not a decision to be taken lightly. Fire restoration is a complex and ever-changing industry. Fire does not discriminate and will destroy all parts of your building from the plumbing to the electricity. When looking for your team, you need a company that is experienced with complex projects. In addition to damage mitigation, you also need expert knowledge of all affected systems, state of the art equipment, insurance support and great communication.

A great starting point is a company with the following qualifications:

  • Fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Experienced with managing complex projects 
  • Experienced in staged restorations where parallel demolitions and installations take place
  • Experienced in damage mitigation, water, fire and mold, as well as high standard restoration
  • Experienced in working with damage claims and insurance companies 

By selecting your contractor carefully, you can afford yourself peace of mind knowing you’re receiving the highest quality work and the best service.

SERVPRO Mesquite offers all this and more. We are proud to serve our neighbors in Mesquite. Our expert team is ready to assist. Big or small, we’ll work hard for your business. Our company motto is to restore your home or business “Like it never even happened,” and this is a promise we make good on, every time.

Here to Help with your Winter Storm Repairs

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO vehicle parked on a throng of white snow. What's all that white stuff? - Every Texan, February 2021.

At SERVPRO we pride ourselves on maintaining our status as industry leaders. This means we have extensive coverage, with over 1,700 franchises, and are faster and better trained to deliver the best customer experience, every time. It also means in times of trouble, we are there, ready to provide a helping hand for our neighbors and our community.

Mid-February 2021 Texas experienced a deadly cold snap. With record low temperatures and more than four million homes without power, according to, snow and ice brought most of Central Texas to a halt and left many vulnerable. 

In addition to having no power, many of our neighbors had to suffer extensive water losses due to frozen pipes thawing, subsequently bursting, and flooding their homes or businesses. During this tough time, our SERVPRO team mobilized crews, and worked through the night and around the clock to assist our community. 

At SERVPRO, we understand the importance of restoration, and we pride ourselves on being available, and working against weather conditions and challenges brought by this record cold, to not only reach our customers, but get them on the path to "Like it never even happened," as quickly and painlessly as possible. Many of our crew members suffered their own challenges, including power disruptions and barriers to travel, yet we have banded together as a team to continue to serve our area even now that the Texas weather has taken its token turn for the better. 

Rain or shine, sleet or snow, SERVPRO Mesquite and Kaufman County/Cedar Creek will be there, ready to get your restoration on track, and show you exactly why our company motto is "Like it never even happened." If your home is still suffering damages from a water loss, or you find yourself in need of reconstruction services or a total remodel, we can help.

Preventing Commercial Water Loss

1/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment lined up on a vinyl faux wood floor. Our specialized equipment can get the job done, and get your home back to, "Like it never even happened."

Water damage is always stressful to deal with, and even more so when it's your business that's affected. Damage to your business spells a direct impact on profits, and whatever service or products you provide, all business owners want to avoid this. 

Damaging equipment and documents, property, and keeping you closed down, are all ways water damage hinders your operation. 

At SERVPRO Mesquite, we understand that time is of the essence, and that every moment you are battling water damage, is a moment you are not working. We are eager to see our neighbors and fellow businesses in Mesquite thriving. We hope you never need our help to deal with water damage, but if you do, we've got your back. 

Our experts also took some time to compile this list of their very best tips for preventing water damage to your commercial building. 

Broken pipes are a leading cause of commercial water leaks. Don't turn a blind eye to damp, water spots, mold, musty smells, cracking floors, and other indicators that moisture is getting where it should not. If your water bill suddenly spikes, investigate immediately, as a broken pipe could be leaking water into your precious business without your knowledge. 

Roof leaks are another common cause of commercial water damage. Keep your roof regularly inspected by a professional, and commit to maintaining your gutters. All twigs, leaves, and other debris should be cleared from them regularly. If they become clogged water cannot flow away from the roof, which can lead to it creating an alternative pathway down through your building. It's also important to keep trees and shrubs trimmed back away from your roof to avoid them creating roof damage, which could allow water inside.

Similarly, windows can permit water to enter. Check them often as any unsealed windows can allow rain, snow and other moistures inside. Resealing windows is fairly straightforward, and can save time and money down the road. 

Check your HVAC system and schedule routine maintenance. As your system ages cracks and leaks are not uncommon, but all of these can allow moisture to escape into the structure of your commercial building. 

Invest in a flood detector. If the worst happens and water is entering your business, a detection system could help you get it stopped before it has time to do extensive damage. For many commercial properties, these systems are well worth the investment. 

By being proactive and staying up to date on maintenance, it is possible to greatly lower the risk of water damaging your business. 

In the event the worst happens, we're ready at SERVPRO Mesquite to show you why our company motto is "Like it never even happened." When you give us a call, our experts are dispatched quickly to assess your individual site and damage, and create a plan to act fast and efficiently, to restore your business to full working order.

Celebrating Diversity!

1/22/2021 (Permalink)

Martin Luther King Jr. standing at a podium mid-speech, his finger pointing straight ahead with bold declaration. A powerful speaker, dealing powerful truths!

Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday, celebrating the life and works of its namesake. Martin Luther King Jr. worked tirelessly to promote equality and celebrate diversity in our great Nation. At SERVPRO Mesquite, we also advocate for equality and enjoy the benefits of a diverse staff, proudly serving every facet of our diverse customer base, to an industry leading standard.

Martin Luther King Day is seen as a day to promote racial equality and equal opportunity for all. At SERVPRO Mesquite, we live this motif every day. 

By embracing diversity, we understand each of our customers is unique in their situation, their culture, their goals and their needs. We tailor our service to help our neighbors affected by fire, water, mold, and other damage, and we know each project is as unique as its owner. No matter where your home or business was before your damage occurred, SERVPRO Mesquite is committed to putting it back "Like it never even happened."

Our staff hails from many different backgrounds, and together, we are stronger. Our team of experts are ready to help our customers, and show that through our unique and diverse approach, we are the premier choice for all of Kaufman County, and surrounding areas, restoration needs.

Water Damage: Don't Miss This Crucial Step

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO professionals drying out rugs and mats. Our team can get your contents dried faster than anyone else!

Dealing with water damage is a complex issue with many facets that add to the success of clean up, restoration and long term damage, or lack of, for your property. After the damage is done, the most crucial step of recovering quickly and without issue, is dry out.

Drying an area out thoroughly, often poses the difference between a complete restoration, and long term structural issues caused by liquid damage. Water seeps into porous materials, allowing it to penetrate well beyond what you would expect. This means, in a flood situation, water can easily infiltrate substructures such as base boards and drywalls, and even support beams.

SERVPRO Mesquite's certified water mitigation specialists have the necessary equipment and experience to test surfaces to determine the true depth of water penetration, then create a comprehensive dry out plan that ensures each area is all dry, all the way through.

Simply opening windows or adding a fan or dehumidifier is often not enough, and will not ensure total dry out. If you are affected by water damage, calling SERVPRO Mesquite will ensure the job is done as quickly as possible, and done right.

When we receive your call, one of specialists will meet you onsite quickly to perform a thorough inspection of your property and assist in correct documentation for insurance purposes. From there, they will formulate a plan tailored to your specific property and the amount and type of damage that has occurred, to restore your home or business to it's pre-incident condition.

Our team has the high-powered tech needed to complete all levels of dry out, fast, and we understand the sooner the water is dry, the less chance of ongoing issues, such as mold and structural unsoundness, you stand to face. Most dry outs require industrial strength dehumidifiers and fans, as well as knowledge of what items need to be removed, for the optimum dry out. Our process is monitored from beginning to end, with regular check ins to ensure your space is drying quickly and correctly.

Once your dry out is complete, SERVPRO Mesquite is your one stop shop, ready to take you from disaster to "Like it never even happened." Our team doesn't stop at removing the water, we also have options to handle your project from start to finish, and help you rebuild.

If you are a victim of water damage, don't forget the most important step - a quick and complete dry out. Your friends at SERVPRO Mesquite have the expertise and equipment to help, though we hope you never need us.

Limit Winter Mold Growth

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growing on a wall in a crawl space. Mold can be damaging to you and your family's health - so be watchful!

It may come as a surprise to many homeowners, but the cold and damp of winter can be the perfect time for a mold infestation to take hold of your property. Mold is a type of fungus that can invade your home and cause issues ranging from being unsightly, to causing health effects to your family.

When it's cold, wet, and miserable outside, moisture from snow and rain can easily be tracked into the house on shoes, soggy umbrellas, coats, and pets. While they may seem innocuous, these small amounts of moisture, paired with the warm and comparatively humid conditions inside your home, give rise to the perfect mold breeding ground. 

Luckily, following a few simple tips can help to reduce the opportunity for mold to grow in your home, and halt the invasion before it can begin. 

Limit humidity. Mold loves humidity. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recommends keeping indoor humidity below 45% in order to stave off mold. Keep a close eye on your levels, and employ a dehumidifier as needed, until you can contact SERVPRO Mesquite, for professional advice on mold prevention. 

Use exhaust fans in rooms prone to holding moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen. By expelling this excess moisture and keeping air moving, you can avoid making your home an ideal environment for mold. 

Set ceiling fans to turn clockwise. This will draw cold air up and push warm air down, keeping rooms warmer, saving money on electricity, and increasing air circulation to decrease the risk of mold. 

Catch up on roof gutter maintenance. Gutters are crucial in ensuring water from your roof flows away from the foundation of your home (where it can add excess moisture and increase your mold risk). Checking gutters, completing all necessary repairs, and making sure they are free of leaves and debris, is good mold prevention, and good winter maintenance. 

If you find mold in your home, our experts at SERVPRO Mesquite are ready to help. A home restoration specialist will meet with you quickly to make a plan to treat and remove the mold, and restore your property quickly, to effectively avoid long term damage to your home or your family's health.